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At Enchanting Morocco, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience on their tours of Morocco. With our extensive local knowledge and commitment to outstanding customer service, we aim to make every trip to Morocco a memorable one. Enchanting Morocco is a specialized tour operator based in Marrakech. We offer a wide range of tours and travel services designed to help you make the most of your time in Morocco. From exploring the country’s stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage to enjoying its vibrant nightlife and incredible cuisine, there is something for everyone in Morocco. So come and join us on a journey across this beautiful country. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Discover the Magic of Morocco!

Immerse yourself in one of the most diverse touristic destinations around the world. Visit Fes and let the vibes of the city’s antique mosques and uplifting spirituality captivate you. Stand in one of the architecturally astonishing Kasbahs in the region of Ouarzazate as you embark on one of our popular Morocco Desert Tours. Discover the red city, Marrakech, and explore the plethora of landmarks, colorful souks (marketplaces), enchanting palaces and lush gardens it has to offer. Take a trip to the Blue Pearl, Chefchaouen, one of Morocco’s must-see cities, and stroll around the city’s intertwining narrow alleyways as you lose all concept of time beholding the absolutely A-MAZE-ING blue washed streets. Travel to the Wind City of Africa, Essaouira, and wander through the fortified Medina with its enclosing sand-colored ramparts. Visit the bustling Casablanca, and step into the Hassan II Mosque, of one the world’s largest and architecturally fascinating mosques. Trek across the high Atlas Mountains and witness the quaint nature on display. Treat yourself to the famous hospitality of Morocco’s Berber villages and learn about their fascinating cultures. all of this is at your reach when you go on our prestigious Morocco Tours.

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Enchanting Morocco is a brand of Extra Mile DMC, a licensed and fully bonded Moroccan Tour company. We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced and competent team that has spent over a decade accompanying visitors from all over the world on private Morocco tours. We know that traveling can be difficult to plan for, especially if you are going to a whole new country. Our team comprises local guides who were born and bred in Morocco and are perfectly familiar with all of the destinations that you will need to visit. They will be in charge of planning your tours of Morocco down to the minute details. Enchanting Morocco understands what travelers need and provides them with a balanced experience. Book your Morocco Tour now and enjoy our wide range of trips with just the right amount of inclusion and free time to explore on your own.

When you choose Enchanting Morocco, rest assured that you will partake in a lifetime experience for the best possible price as you are cutting all the international middlemen, and most importantly, you travel with absolute peace of mind with us as we are a licensed Moroccan Tour Operator with license number 16D/19 and AXA multi risk insurance policy number 3802023201121.

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About Morocco

Morocco’s cultural diversity is so abundant that it captivates visitors and leaves them mesmerized. The allure of this country surpasses any previous adventure, making it an unforgettable experience. Exploring the intricate layers of Moroccan culture is what people relish most, as each discovery unravels a new facet to be savored. Yet, no matter how much you uncover, countless surprises are still waiting to amaze you with their richness and depth – Morocco never ceases to impress!

Morocco stands as the gateway to Africa – a continent that exudes exoticism and wonder. Positioned at the intersection of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, it boasts an unparalleled blend of cultures. But what truly sets Morocco apart is its unique geography; from sweeping coastlines along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans to towering peaks in the high Atlas Mountains, all leading into endless expanses of Sahara sand dunes- this country has no parallel when it comes to diversity!

Morocco’s rich tapestry of cultures, languages, religions, and customs has created a unique oasis that attracts millions of tourists every year. The country’s vibrant cuisine and diverse traditions have all contributed to the Morocco we know today – a place where visitors can experience an unforgettable holiday like no other! So if you’re looking for adventure, culture, or just some relaxation time in one of the most fascinating places on earth – look no further than Morocco!

Customer Reviews

  • My companion and I recently returned from a ten-day journey to Morocco, which was an absolutely remarkable experience! Given our constrained time for planning the excursion, we opted to seek assistance from an online travel agency. Enchanting Morocco online platform proved to be outstanding – it is extremely user-friendly, and Nidal assisted us in creating a tailored itinerary by utilizing one of their suggested routes.
    Having them take on the lodgings, entire agenda and securing us a chauffeur eradicated much of our hassle with organizing. If we ever returned to Morocco again, we would be more confident planning it ourselves – however, for this period in time as well as what was required; they were accommodating! In addition, we could inquire about days when no tour guide might join us so that exploration felt free-flowing and accommodating to any specific requests regarding activities that sparked our interest.
    One of the highlights of our journey was undoubtedly our driver, Hassan, who quickly became more like a friend than just a driver. He performed exceptionally well and provided us with the enjoyable company while also offering valuable advice on ensuring the safety of two female travelers. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone considering visiting Morocco, and we will definitely contact him if we return in the future.
    Other memorable experiences included spending an evening in Merzouga followed by exhilarating 4×4 adventures through the desert landscape; admiring breathtaking views between Merzouga and Ouarzazate; exploring Berber Museum’s rich cultural history; as well as immersing ourselves in Marrakech’s vibrant atmosphere.
    To fully experience Marrakech’s delectable culinary offerings, make sure you book some restaurant reservations ahead of time. Additionally, art enthusiasts should not miss out on discovering Gueliz district’s contemporary galleries and museums during their stay.

    M. Christine
    An experience of a lifetime
  • Everything was off to an excellent beginning when we initiated our trip planning with Nidal. She customized our journey according to our preferences and desires. Her prompt responses and exceptional customer service addressed all of our inquiries.
    Upon arrival at Casablanca, we were greeted by the incredible Abdel, whose excitement for our upcoming adventure was contagious Abdel further enhanced this experience through his warmth and hospitality while ensuring a safe drive on challenging roads.
    In Fes, we stayed at Riad Palais d’Hotes, which offered beauty and comfort as their staff catered diligently to us. The delectable authentic dinner left a lasting impression in particular… Ali’s extensive knowledge during the Medina tour significantly enriched the overall experience too!
    The Sahara desert, from the sunset camel trek to the deluxe camp in Erg Chebbi to the dawn sand-boarding and fun quad ride back to Merzouga, was an extraordinary experience. Moha, our guide at Ait Ben Haddou, wove his time as a movie & TV series extra into his storytelling successfully. In Marrakesh, Salah served up awesomeness during our Medina guided tour! The cooking class at La Maison Arabe is highly recommended – thanks to Chef Aicha and her delicious food creations that we all helped make! Overall Enchanting Morocco planned a perfect journey!

    Sarah. B
    Magnificent Morocco
  • Our unforgettable two-week family vacation in Morocco during the winter break was meticulously planned and executed by our exceptional tour organizer, Nidal, and our skilled driver Abderrahim. Coordinating a trip involving multiple stops can be quite challenging; however, Nidal crafted an impeccable itinerary for us, encompassing nine destinations over fourteen days! Our journey commenced in Casablanca before proceeding to Rabat , Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fes Erfoud Todra Gorge, and Marrakech Essaouria. We were provided with a new comfortable van ensuring we never felt overly rushed as we traversed from one city to another. The knowledgeable local guides enhanced our experience, particularly in Fez. Additionally embarked on a culinary tour through Marrakech, which offered delightful options catering to vegetarians. Thank you, Abdel, for such a great food tour!
    Nidal continually interacted with us throughout our Morocco tour, and Abderrahim accompanied us, ensuring the hotels were checked in without any problem. We must be thankful to him for safely escorting us around Morocco from the Imperial cities to the Atlas Mountains and down to its coastal beaches. He frequently took us to delightful cafes en route for lunch, which we thoroughly appreciated. Nidal masterminded an incredible journey for our family; then, Abderrahim flawlessly performed it by ensuring that each location of interest was reached securely and promptly. Our Moroccan tour went off seamlessly, like pieces fitting together into their proper places on a jigsaw puzzle! During this holiday, we had some fantastic experiences. We interacted with many friendly Amazigh people – creating memories that will last forever!

    Colleen. H
    Thank you Enchanting Morocco!
  • As seasoned travelers, we were somewhat hesitant to plan a family vacation to Morocco on our own. That’s when we discovered Enchanting Morocco online and decided to give them a try. Despite the glowing reviews, it was still slightly nerve-wracking since no one in our circle had used their services before.
    However, choosing “Enchanting Morocco”  proved to be an excellent decision! Our week-long journey was nothing short of perfection – from picturesque drives and historic riads to knowledgeable city guides. The team at Enchanting Morocco went above and beyond from the initial WhatsApp conversation until the end of our trip by being incredibly responsive, patient, and accommodating.
    Nidal took care of all bookings for us while maintaining regular communication; ensuring everything met our expectations; making minor adjustments as necessary; providing valuable recommendations—and more! We traveled all over Morocco, from the blue Chefchaouen to Fez, Merzouga (with its incredible desert camping and camel rides), and Skoura before reaching Marrakesh. Every riad we stayed in was a dream come true – each one more beautiful than the last! Our tour guides were outstanding with their English proficiency, and our driver Hassan never missed his way or timing. All of this made for an incredibly smooth journey full of entertainment and excitement. This magical country is truly captivating; it left us feeling blessed that Enchanting Morocco had crafted such a perfect trip for us – they are highly recommended!

    Joshua. B
    Amazing Morocco Tour
  • Enchanting Morocco is a perfect choice if you want to make your journey smooth and effortless. Unfortunately, our flight from America was canceled, but they ensured everything ran well again. They proposed great hotels, willingly consented to our customizations, and were available whenever we needed them most.
    Marrakesh offers a unique flavor, while Fes has abundant culture behind it. Yet, nothing compares with the majestic beauty that awaits in the Sahara!

    Brian. R
    Smooth tour of Morocco
  • I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for Nidal’s help in planning our trip to Morocco through Enchanting Morocco. The experience was nothing short of amazing and completely hassle-free, thanks to her exceptional service. Communication with her via text or email was a breeze as she promptly responded to all queries and requests without delay.
    Our driver, Brahim deserves a special mention too! From the moment we met him, he made us feel welcome by addressing us by name even before an introduction. Moreover, he took great care in ensuring that every aspect of our journey across his beautiful country was both enjoyable and safe.

    Without hesitation, I would gladly work with these guys again on future trips while highly recommending their services to anyone who plans on visiting this enchanting destination called Morocco!

    Marisa. N
    Fabulous Morocco
  • As a family of four, we were fortunate enough to embark on an incredible one-week journey through Morocco. Nidal tailored the perfect tour for our group, taking into account our limited time while ensuring we had a comprehensive experience.Throughout this unforgettable adventure, Lahcen served as both our guide and driver. His exceptional service made us feel right at home in his beautiful country. Beyond that, he shared valuable insights about Moroccan history up until present-day life and politics with remarkable command over English vocabulary.
    Every aspect of the trip was meticulously organized – from transportation and accommodation to specific tours – all executed flawlessly with top-notch quality standards in mind. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!
    During our trip to Marrakesh, we had the pleasure of meeting Loubna, who served as an excellent tour guide and made us feel incredibly welcome. She even invited us to a fantastic dinner tour that my children absolutely loved! Although all the cities we visited were amazing, our time at the dessert camp truly enchanted us. The tent stay was both comfortable and relaxing – making for a perfect ending to our adventure.
    What really stood out about this company is how much they care about their customers beyond just providing services. They always responded quickly whenever we had questions or concerns and ensured that we felt welcomed throughout every step of the journey. By the end of it all, I can honestly say that they felt more like friends than mere service providers!
    If you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience with top-notch customer service from start to finish, look no further than these guys – highly recommended!

    Molly. M
    Amazing Morocco Tour
  • My experience exploring Morocco was remarkable. Investigating destinations, finding ideal accommodations, and booking excursions is something I’ve always taken pleasure in – but this trip to Morocco had special significance as it marked our 25th anniversary! After doing some research to get the ball rolling, Enchanting Morocco handled everything else with ease, thanks to Nidal.
    Rather than opting for hotels, we decided on staying at riads which provided outstanding service from welcoming staff and delicious breakfasts every morning! Our driver Mohamed was incredible, too – kindhearted yet accommodating when changes were needed along the way. All things considered, I’d certainly use Enchanting Morocco again!!

    Parita. N
    Trip of a lifetime
  • My three friends and I embarked on an incredible journey to Morocco, which turned out to be a fantastic experience. Before our departure, we had numerous inquiries efficiently addressed by the attentive team at Enchanting Morocco. They went above and beyond in crafting a customized itinerary tailored specifically for us based on our preferences.
    Throughout our Moroccan adventure, we were fortunate enough to have Ali as our exceptional driver, who expertly navigated his way around the country while ensuring utmost safety within his vehicle. His resourcefulness was evident when he assisted with currency exchange locations and securing restaurant reservations for us during various stops along the trip.
    Ali’s extensive knowledge about each destination further enriched this unforgettable vacation experience through enlightening insights into local history and culture. We could always count on him being punctual every morning as well as providing refreshing bottled water before embarking upon another exciting day of exploration together.
    Morocco truly is an enchanting land filled with stunning beauty, and
    Enchanting Morocco truly enhanced our travel experience by offering valuable suggestions and local guides at different locations. The most memorable moments included exploring the vibrant, colorful markets in every city, visiting Chefchaouen – the enchanting Blue City, and experiencing a Sahara Desert camp while riding camels. I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Enchanting Morocco for assistance in planning your upcoming journey! We are immensely grateful for their help crafting this unforgettable adventure for us!

    Natasha. A
    Thank you Enchanting Morocco!